We have split the stalls into three costing areas:

Outside Craft Stall £(to be confirmed for 2024) per meter minimum of 3 meters

Outside Take away / Hot Food / Alcohol stall £(to be confirmed for 2024) per meter minimum of 3 meters

Inside Stall in the Corn Exchange – £(to be confirmed for 2024) per meter minimum of 2 meters – tables are provided approximately 2 meters wide. Limited Space – preference is given to Blandford / Locally based charities. The Corn Exchange is also accommodating the Father Christmas grotto on the Stage.

For local businesses within the parish of Blandford Forum we offer a 10% discount on outside pitches to encourage local produce

All outside stalls will be accommodated in the East Street and the Market place cordoned zone.

We have a strict policy on the use of generators at the BYF
• No petrol generators are to be used!
• Anyone found using a petrol generator will be asked to leave the event.
• You are encouraged to use quiet or silent running generators.

Please note: no electrical hook ups are available

We need you to complete the booking form

We also request the following documents below to be sent to us:

• Risk Assessment including Fire Risk Assessment
• Food Hygiene certificate if appropriate
• Proof of TENS Licence if appropriate

Once booking form and documents have been sent to us – a confirmation of your booking and payment (appropriate to the type, size and location) request will be sent to you with our bank details